DoNotSpy10 is available for download.



  • General: Added French translation (thanks Deadbox1)
  • General: Added language switcher to the “About” page
  • General: Button “Apply” cannot be pressed, while still processing
  • General: Button “Discard” cannot be pressed, while still processing
  • General: Enables system restore, if disabled and the user wishes to create a restore point
  • General: Only asks for system restore, once “Apply” is clicked
  • General: Setting description now mentions, if the note ‘Some settings are managed by your organization’ may appear in system settings
  • General: Supports Windows 10 Anniversary Update
  • General: Switched recommended tweaks from green to blue for red-green blind people
  • General: Update Check utilizes https
  • General: User can choose whether to save without creating a restore point or not (if system restore is unavailable)
  • General: User can create more than one System Restore Point in 24 hours
  • General: Windows 10 Version number appears in the application title
  • New Tweak: Disable Auto Map Download
  • New Tweak: Disable Bluetooth Advertising
  • New Tweak: Disable Experimentation
  • New Tweak: Disable Facts, Tips, Ticks and more on your Lock Screen
  • New Tweak: Disable Windows Defender Cloud Protection
  • New Tweak: Disable Windows Defender Sample Submission
  • Pro: Auto update can automatically download and install the latest version
  • Pro: Renamed “Donation Edition” to “Pro”
  • Pro: Users are notified about settings, which have been changed since the last time DoNotSpy10 was run
  • Pro: Users can load profiles now
  • Pro: Users can save profiles now
  • Removed Tweak: Disable Windows Update for other Products
  • Updated Tweak: Defer Windows Upgrades
  • Updated Tweak: Disable Adobe Flash Player in Edge
  • Updated Tweak: Disable Page Prediction in Edge
  • Updated Tweak: Enable Do not Track in Edge

DoNotSpy10 is the world’s first antispy tool for Windows 10. Its straight-forward user interface allows you to manage
how Windows 10 respects their privacy.