DoNotSpy10 3.0 is available for download.


Changelog: Version 3.0

  • General: Added Support for the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
  • General: Added categories in front of each setting (French localization)
  • General: Improved license check (Pro version)
  • General: Introduced a new update dialog showing the latest version and its changelog (automatically downloads and installs updates for the Pro version using RSA file verification)
  • Bugfix: Tweak „Advertising: Disable App Suggestions in Windows Ink Workspace“ could not be loaded from profile file
  • Bugfix: Some missing French translations could cause errors
  • Bugfix: Improved tweak detection. „Disable Tailored Experience using Diagnostic Data“ was not properly detected after being set in OOBE
  • Bugfix: A System Restore Point could not always be created using the menu item
  • Bugfix: Fixed several smaller issues
  • Tweak added: Apps: Disable Push To Install (Fall Creators Update)
  • Tweak added: Defender: Enable Network Protection (Exploit Guard) (Fall Creators Update)
  • Tweak added: Privacy: Disable Message Service Cloud Sync (Fall Creators Update)
  • Tweak added: Privacy: Disable Network Traffic Pre User SignIn
  • Tweak added: Search: Disable Cloud Search (Fall Creators Update)
  • Tweak added: Updates: Disable Automatic Speech Model Updates (Fall Creators Update)
  • Tweak updated: Search: Disable and Reset Cortana

DoNotSpy10 is the world’s first antispy tool for Windows 10. Its straight-forward user interface allows you to manage
how Windows 10 respects their privacy.