Change of licensing: Beginning 2020, Pro Version licenses are valid for one major DoNotSpy10 version (currently version 5).  Each DoNotSpy10 version will support two major Windows Updates (e.g. 20H1 and 20H2). Older versions will continue to work but will not support following Windows 10 Updates.

Since this application has not been signed, Windows Defender SmartScreen might produce the following warning. Click “more info” and “run anyway” to start the application.

DoNotSpy10 2020 Free

  • Ad-Supported
  • 118 Settings

DoNotSpy10 2020 Pro (version 5.x)

$5-15(you decide)
  • Ad-Free
  • 118 Settings
  • Save Profiles for mulitple computers
  • Load Profiles
  • Show changed settings at startup
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