DoNotSpy10 is available for download.



  • General: Updated tweak descriptions and titles
  • General: Added message box to confirm applied settings
  • Fixed/Improved Tweak: Disable Telemetry
  • Fixed/Improved Tweak: Disable Windows Update Sharing
  • Fixed/Improved Tweak: Disable WiFi Sense
  • Added Tweak: Disable Automatic Windows Store Updates
  • Added Tweak: Enable Do not Track in Edge
  • Added Tweak: Disable Malicious Software Removal Tool via Windows Update
  • Added Tweak: Disable KMS Client Online Validation
  • Added Tweak: Disable Retrieving Device Metadata
  • Disable Windows Customer Experience Improvement Program

DoNotSpy10 is the world’s first antispy tool for Windows 10. Its straight-forward user interface allows you to manage
how Windows 10 respects their privacy.