Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater

Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater Changelog

  • General: Supports Windows 10 (including Windows 10 October Update 1809)
  • General: Fixed version detection for Flash Player for Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge
  • General: Optimized tab stop order (especially important for screen reader users)
  • General: Entiretly reworked code (including improved error handling)
  • Improvement: A log file called “Alternative-Flash-Player-Auto-Updater.log” will be written in the application’s directory, once errors occur
  • Improvement: Updated color legend for installed versions. Added a black entry “ignored (see tab Settings)” for Flash Player versions, that have been chosen to be ignored in the Settings tab. These will not be updated automatically as long as ignored.
  • Improvement: Removed obsolete message box shown after enabling the setting “start application invisible”
  • Improvement: New setting “Start with Windows”
  • Improvement: Renamed setting “start application invisible” to “start this application in system tray (only show the tray icon)”
  • Bugfix: Fixed error “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”, which occurred on some systems
  • Bugfix: Fixed bug that made the tray icon stay in the tray until the mouse was moved over it
  • Discontinued: Feature: “use administrator credentials for updates”
  • Update: Application stopped working due to Adobe‚Äôs changes
  • Improvement: Improved error handling